The vibe of KIU to Kansanga community

The face of Kampala international university

Not so long a collection of slummy buildings in a solid state would welcome you to kansanga and the nearby outskirts due to high level of under development which made the area a popular hot spot for criminals and marginalized persons in Kampala city. However,the trend tremendously changed with the establishment of a multi cultural institution Kampala International University which has not only seen kansanga transforming into an educational centre but also a commercial hub for prominent businesses and investors.

Located few kilometres along Ggaba road,the university is reknown to have played a vital role in the economic growth and development of kansanga in the last one and a half decades. It’s boardered by popular centres like kabalagala ,Muyenga,Bunga and Makindye.

It costs someone shs.1000 from Kampala to kansanga.

From the fair tales,the village was named by one of the kabaka of Buganda as he used the way to reach lake Victoria therefore the king would tell his officals to meet him on the road”okumusanga” and therefore the name kansanga. Historically,in 1950s’ and 1960s’ during obotes’ regime,the area was generally a middle class area until 1990s’ when the area transformed and started to accommodate University students of then Kampla University before Bassajjabala bought it to Kampala international University.

The audios below are for the chairman Eddy Mwebe,Allen,hillary,Daglous and Emmanuel

According to Eddy Mwebe the chairman of the village,before kiu was established in the area, there was a popular hotel called sama hotel,and other bars like half London,quarter London, Al’s bar the current Deuses were in place and therefore the place was known for partying and these bars promoted prostitution in the area. “After the establishment of the university,the girls from the University out competed the locals because they could speak good English”Mwebe said.

The university establishment made the locals to building single rooms,hostels,shops opened and currently the economic of the area depends on the University . “People in the area prefer accommodating student because they pay good money once for the whole semester and it’s when the students are in vacation that problems comes but generally the university has helped by the residents to cater for their needs.”Mwebe added.

The university establishment has reduced the insecurity in the area We used to have thugs, but because of the biggest population being students who have taken up accommodation, the incidences have scaled down.” Mwebe said.

Mwebe added that if it wasn’t the presence of the university, businesses would have collapsed because it is the university that has enhanced the economic status of the community. Emmanuel Murungi a boda rider at KIU gate stage expressed his gratitude for the two years he has spent in riding a boda

“Students support us we transport them daily unlike other stages here at KIU stage we are always assured of customers they have really sustained us”Murungi said.

Ggaba road in traffic jam due to high transportation of people especially in rush hours

Allen kukunda a mobile money attendant outside Kiu said the biggest percentage of the customers are kiu students on a daily basis.

“Students are the core customers .

As it’s traditionally told that where the good is the bad also prevails,some residents also told is about the other side of the story.

Hillary’ Namugenyi one of the residents of kansanga lamented that university students are hungry and greedy for money.

“These university students they need money,and they have ended up sleeping with old men which have increased the spread be of HIV/AIDS and STIs.”Namugenyi said.

According to Dagrus Mayanja a shopkeeper outside KIU gate,the existence of university have brought different students from different regions which has made our culture as Baganda to erode.

“Students dress badly, and this have led to culture erosion in the society.”Mayanja said.

One of the people who have benefited in living around KIU

Businesses commonly conducted in the community include saloons, restaurants,bars,shops, chapati stalls, boutiques,banks,taxi and boda riding

Mobile money agents around KIU
The most visited supermarket by KIU students
Map showing KIU and the surrounding
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