Top 15 Things to Never Do On A First Date

Top 15 Things to Never Do On A First Date

You have to admit, a first date can both excite and freak you out. It comes along with  many mixed feelings. You just don’t  know what to expect!

Here are some lifesaving tips to help you deal with your nerves on a first date. The things you should never do on a first date. Remember, first impressions are always lasting impressions.


Be late.  No one should have to wait for you for longer than 10 minutes unless you have a genuine reason.

Endevour to inform your date earlier if you will be late.

Forget your manners.

Try as much as possible to leave your ‘dirty linen’ at home. Do not expose your bad habits/manners on your first date. Trust me it can be a total turn off. Some examples  of bad habits include, eating and chewing your food noisily, talking while chewing food, being unnecessarily loud, laughing too loudly to mention but a few. Note: It is however important for you to be yourself. Do not pretend too much. It will catch up with you.

Skip on personal hygiene. 

Personal hygiene is a vital on a first date because most impressions are gotten from there. For example, ensure that you do not have a stinky breath, your clothes are clean and well pressed, shoes are clean among others.

Tell your whole life story. 

Make wise and calculated conversations especially on your first date. Skip insensitive personal questions or topics tacticfully. Do not pour out your life story on a first date. Always give the relationship time and see how it plays out before you open up to your date.

Demonstrate poor listening skills. 

Always pay keen attention to what your date is saying. Listen, listen and listen. Do not make all the jazz to be about yourself. It reveals a big percentage of selfishness on your part.

Talk about your ex. Don’t mention your ex on your first date. Avoid the words ‘my ex’ in your conversation. Trust me it will save you a lot of explanations. But, if your date insists on knowing about your ex, you can hint a thing or two about the topic but not too much.

Get too awkward or confrontational. If your date mentions something that you personally don’t agree with, do not confront him/her. Save your opinions for another day. Remember you are there to have fun not to argue!

Be argumentative. This can be a total turnoff if you make every conversation an argument. Try to tolerate each other and respect each others’ opinions and beliefs about certain topics.


Be on your Phone.

If possible, switch off your phone and leave it in the bag. Alternatively, you can put it in silence so that it doesn’t destruct your date. Couples look silly when they are both on their phones instead of talking to each other on date.



Talk over or for your date. 

This usually happens when you are both making your orders. Let your date decide what they will have. Do not dictate or talk into your date to eat or drink something they are not comfortable with.

Look sloppy. Always look neat and tidy on a first date. If you are a lady, avoid the skimpy or revealing dress and dress up in something you will be comfortable with. Similarly to the men, be simple but smart. Do not show your date that you tried so much.

Get too drunk. Avoid strong spirits and wines that can make you drunk. If you must drink, make sure you have ever tasted that drink and your body can handle it. Do not taste new wines or beer on a first date.

Be Dramatic when the bill has been brought. This especially goes to the ladies who have a tendency of looking side ways or pretend to check for something in their bags when the bill has been brought. If you have money, offer to pay part of the bill. If you don’t have, it is still okay. Be confident and tell your date that you do not have enough money on you at the moment.

Forget to ask questions. 

Don’t be shy to ask questions on something your date said and it wasn’t clear.

Be so intimate.

I know it is your first date and a roller coaster of emotions is probably running through you. But, endevour to control yourself. Do not throw your self at your date and give them mixed signals. First be patient as you observe your partner to see how the relationship goes. Ladies, do not seduce men on first dates!


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