Victory Students Hostel is one of the finest hostels around UCU

After a long walk-able distance from UCU main gate, my eyes could not resit looking at a well designed house standing out in a fence locked with a black gate. As I move closer still wondering who puts up in this residence, a black tender lady with a blue note book and a pen softly moves out of the small gate.

It is at this point that I learnt this was not an ordinary personal residence, it’s a students’ hostel. Its name is Victory Students Hostel, accommodating female students at Uganda Christian University (UCU).

The cleanliness at the hostel is a true depiction of a true girls’ hostel. Built with self contained rooms, Victory Students Hostel houses most  female students studying at UCU.

The gate to the hostel is locked; least for the occasional in and outside movement of students. “Hawkers strictly not allowed….” a notice on the main gate reads. There is thus no doubt that female students staying in Victory enjoy maximum security.

An over view of Victory Students Hostel.
An over view of Victory Students Hostel.

The custodian at the hostel is happily to let us know how steady the water flow is. “We have water tanks and there is no power black out because of the standby generator”, the smiling youthful gentleman in charge of the hostel tells us.

A mini bus is parked in front of the hostel  just ready to take the next shift of students to the UCU main campus. However, the distance from the university main gate to the hostel is walkable.

The disadvantage though is the dusty road during the dry seasons that can turn the black shoes into brown. But the good news is that there are always 2-4 boda boda men who always park opposite the hostel- very ready to rush students to either Mukono town or UCU campus at a pocket friendly fee.

Victory Students Hostel
Victory Students Hostel

Though the hostel is well fenced and secure,  late night movements are very risky because iron bar men are always rotating around looking for students goodies like smart phones, laptops and bags.

Basic information

  • Charges: 600,000/= to 750,000/=
  • Location: A walkable distance to UCU campus
  • Transport: A bus is available to take students to campus on set schedules.

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