Uganda Christian University Guild Election Guidelines

Uganda Christian University Guild Election Guidelines

3rd  – 12th October,  guild aspirants are expected to pick their nomination forms and register for numerous guild posts.

Other notable dates include; 15th October, which is the vetting day for all guild presidential candidates by the guild electoral commission.

17th October, the faculty vetting of the guild presidential aspirants.

18th October, declaring the winner from the vetting process of all guild candidates.

2nd November is the voting day.

Terms and conditions

Aspirants are to pay UGX, 40,000 for Members of Parliament (MPs) and UGX, 80,000 for the presidents.

There will be a debate for the students aspiring for the position of Guild President that is hoped to be televised on the 19th October and another debate at the university Nkoyoyo Hall on the 30th October.


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