Uganda Christian University Law Student Sets up Human Rights NGO

Uganda Christian University Law Student Sets up Human Rights NGO
Mary Nangobi, a Uganda Christian University law student has set-up a human rights Non Governmental Organisation deemed  Rural Justice Initiative (R.J.I) to help rural dwellers attain justice.
The third year Law Student launched the Organisation alongside two other directors with an objective to objectives are to conduct Public Interest litigation on behalf of vulnerable persons in rural areas, create Human Rights Awareness, improving access to Justice, Combatting rampant land grabbing, poverty alleviation and empowerment, research and advocacy and finally children protection.
With R.J.I in place, and Head offices at Justice House, Lwanda in Luuka District, the young aspiring council has proved ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that law is a passion to her not just an ambition.

In an interview with Campus Bee, Nangobi decried the ignorance among local people, especially natives from Luuka District in Busoga region where she comes from, which makes them fall victim to crime.

She further expressed her concern with the poor status of the Education sector in her region as most children do not go to school because they can’t afford to pay the fees and hence do not realise their right to Education. This wasn’t all, as a feminist, she found it pertinent to also discuss the vice of Gender-based violence in homes and how her organisation would help to curb the same.

She pointed out the aspect of lack of funds among the major obstacle toward NGO running as management foots most of the bills.

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