Uganda Christian University(UCU) Holds Guild Presidential Debate

Uganda Christian University(UCU) Holds Guild Presidential Debate

In preparation for the guild election slated for November 2nd, Uganda Christian University(UCU) has convened a debate for its guild presidential candidates.

The debate was hosted in the university’s Nkoyoyo hall Wednesday afternoon.

Though the day was relatively cool due to the early morning rains, guild aspirants Phillip Joshua Wanambwa, Charlotte Mbabazi and Bruce Amanya were seen sweating responded to the hot questions from a panel of judges and students.

The panel was led by former UCU Vice guild president, Allan David Emolota and it tackled all current national and international affairs as well as UCU students’ affairs.

Charlotte Mbabazi, the only female aspirant appeared oblivious to most of the questions as her response was mostly “I will not lie, I don’t know.”

She further disappointed her supporters when she was questioned who the current AU president and answered, Ruhakana Rugunda.

Presidential aspirants were given the opportunity to ask each other a question. While Wanambwa chose not to ask any questions to his colleagues, Amanya opted to ask Charlotte how she was.

Amanya pushes for advocacy and dialogue while Wanambwa is for partnerships to raise funds for needy students.

Charlotte is an advocate of students needs and affairs.


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