UCU’s Decision Of Taking Chelangat To Butabika Raises Arguments Amongst Students

Early last week on Tuesday, 19th February, second year law student Alice Chelangat at Uganda Christian University was arrested at the university’s main campus Mukono for demonstrating and was taken to Butabiika .

Her demonstration stemed  from her dissatisfaction of the university and its current Guild regime being led by Hon. Bruce Amanya with failure to deliver as according to his manifesto during the campaigns

Chelangat who set out for her demonstration moving barefoot all over the campus with a manila paper bearing all her concerns ended up in the university’s police cell.

However the university’s decision to take her to Butabika mental hospital which many think was a rush decision has therefore sprouted a lot of arguments and concerns amongst the students at the university

I don’t see anything on her clipboard calling for insanty. All i see is an advocate being maligned for telling the truth. Bitter as it may appear. She doesn’t deserve to be called mad. Daniel Mwebaza a third year student says.

Achiles Kijjambu,another third year student says, if she was demonstrating, then she had a lot of trust and faith in the Guild Government which has disappointed her . That was simply her way of expressing her discontentment.

The actions one does can show how insane they are or not.She goes around kissing Amanya’s poster pictures all around campus , now she is the very one saying the Guild has failed her yet it has just come into power. Am certain, she is mad. Shiela Namata a fourth year student disagrees with Achiles.

Summing up,whether mad or not? Chelangat’s true mental status lies in the authorities at the university and at the hospital where she is being kept till further notice.

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