Ugandan Student Mesmerizes Arizona Professors after Graduating on Top of Class

Ugandan Student Mesmerizes Arizona Professors after Graduating on Top of Class

A female Ugandan student, Leah Nakayima, has mesmerized professors at the Arizona State University with tremendous intelligence despite of being a foreigner at the University.

Nakayima who moved to the US four years ago graduated on top of all students and has secured an admission at the prestigious University in the world, Harvard to study public policy.

Although she had difficult understanding the American proffessors’ accent, the Ugandan never gave up and now she is all over the news.

“Leah Nakayima is a perfect example of how hard work pays off,”azfamily.com wrote

“In Uganda, we studied British English,” Nakaima said. “I thought I was really good at English and then I went to class and the first class I had to record because I couldn’t hear a thing.”

Back at home, Nakayima always thought American students are impassible and that’s why they always beat the Ugandans in class.

“I thought it was the upbringing or the food they eat,” she said. “And when I came, I asked what food they eat and I tried pizza.” Nakayima said.

“She’s smart and she’s creative and all that,” her professor said. “She is also very curious and so she would get much deeper than many students.” Nakayima’s professor said.

Nkayima’s greatest ambition si to become the first female president of Uganda.

“We would sit with my dad, I look exactly like him and he’s a politician, he said, ‘I really want one of my children to go to Harvard because anyone that gets through Harvard becomes a president or vice president,” she said.

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