Nigerian Organisation to Sponsor Ugandan students

Nigerian Organisation to Sponsor Ugandan students
 Hill City Foundation, a Nigeria non-governmental organisation has offered eleven(11)  University scholarships to Ugandan students from low- income earning families.
The scholarship is intended to provide mentorship, self-discovery and economic empowerment to its beneficiaries who could have been deprived due to social and financial constraints.

According to the president of the foundation, Mr Obi Imemba said they aim at giving an opportunity youths to discover their self worth so as to stimulate development.He further revealed that next year, the foundation will aid 50 students 30% of whom will come from Karamoja.

“We have come to learn that Karamoja is a disadvantaged place in many ways and so we want to give priority to people from that region to help accelerate their development,

“We are going to sieve them out, we are already discussing with the State minister for Karamoja Affairs and we are going to work out a modality on how to sieve them out. A number of people in Karamoja have completed Senior Six but are unable to join university,” Mr Imemba added.

“Africa is a blessed continent but we have never known that for God to bless his people he uses the people themselves. Africans, even those who are well off do not think of sharing what they have with those who do not have, and I think because of that, Africans have remained poor,” the Education minister, Janet Museveni said while  at the launch of the foundation in Kampala on Saturday.

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