Understanding the Parish Development Model (PDM)

Understanding the Parish Development Model (PDM)

What is Parish Development Model (PDM)

The Parish Development Model (PDM) is an approach implemented by the Government of Uganda to promote inclusive and participatory local development at the grassroots level. It is designed to enhance service delivery, economic empowerment, and social transformation within Ugandan parishes.

Here are some key aspects of the Parish Development Model:


The PDM operates at the level of the parish, which is the smallest administrative unit in Uganda. A parish typically consists of several villages or neighborhoods.

Participatory Approach:

The PDM emphasizes the active participation of community members in the development process. It encourages community engagement, ownership, and decision-making in identifying needs, setting priorities, and implementing development initiatives.

Multi-Sectoral Focus:

The PDM takes a holistic and multi-sectoral approach to development. It aims to address various dimensions of development, including agriculture, education, health, infrastructure, water and sanitation, livelihoods, and social services.

Integrated Planning and Budgeting:

The PDM promotes integrated planning and budgeting at the parish level. It involves the identification of priority areas and the allocation of resources accordingly. The planning process involves consultations with community members, local leaders, and relevant stakeholders.

Coordination and Collaboration:

The PDM encourages coordination and collaboration among government agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), development partners, and other stakeholders. It aims to leverage resources and expertise to maximize the impact of development interventions.

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Monitoring and Evaluation:

The PDM emphasizes monitoring and evaluation to track progress, assess the effectiveness of interventions, and ensure accountability. It involves the use of performance indicators and regular reporting mechanisms to monitor the implementation of development projects and programs.

Scaling Up:

The Government of Uganda has expressed its commitment to scaling up the Parish Development Model across the country. The model is seen as a mechanism to promote inclusive and sustainable development at the grassroots level, with the potential to drive socio-economic transformation and improve livelihoods.

It’s worth noting that the Parish Development Model is a relatively recent initiative, and its implementation and impact may vary across different regions of Uganda.

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