Unique, beautiful plants to incorporate in your garden

Unique, beautiful plants to incorporate in your garden

The universe is filled with a number of beautiful plants that can make your home classy, elegant, appealing, unique and natural. Here is a list of some of the beautiful, multipurpose plants that you can use to bring your garden or indoor to life.


They are beautiful all season plants. They give bear flowers in a couple of colours, red, pink, white, yellow. The green leaves beneath the flower add beauty to them, the stems are decorated with thorns that give the flower a whole unique look. Boniface Wanja a landscaper at Bonre Consultancy Palour Bweyogerere notes that roses can be planted in the ground or in the containers, they are best for outdoor. They are drought resistant since the thorns help them store water that they can use in case of drought. Roses have a beautiful scent that will give you a pleasant atmosphere especially in the evening hours. A grated rose is between Ughs 5,000 to 15000.

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Bamboo Palm

Some people call them golden cane palm, areca palm, yellow palm, or butterfly palm. Nnalongo Lillian Kawalya a florist says these can survive on little water and minimal supervision. Bamboos bring a feel of nature since they are air fresheners, they can also be used to cool bright flowers.  Palm can work for both in and out door. You can opt for containers or have them planted directly in the soil. A beautiful palm goes between Ughs 5000 to 10,000 and beyond depending on old it is.

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Boston fern

One could easily think it’s an artificial plant at first sight. It’s also called Sword fern. It bulges with long leaves that swipe the ground, it has ruffled leaves that add on it’s the beauty. Wanja notes that Boston Fern are better when placed in hanging pots to bring out their beauty. They need daily watering and frequent weeding.

Lemon grass

This is a multipurpose grass. It’s a tea spice and a perennial plant with a mixture of tests lemon being the strongest. Ivan Kiiza a gardener notes that lemon grass will bring a great scent to your home as well. They can work well in pots as well are on the ground.

“Lemon grass dry’s very first and to keep beauty, prune the dry parts and leave the green ones.” He adds.


A woody plant which is smaller than a tree and has several main stems arising at or near the ground is a shrub. Shrubs are good for people who would want to create a forest like garden. They will bring a cool breeze in your home and can create a good shade. However Wanja says one needs to be careful as they may harbor dangerous insects and animals like snakes. Constant trimming should be done to keep them in shape and looking good. Shrubs are in different types.


These grow in a bush shape and will bloom often with many colored flowers. They attract birds especially humming birds. Kiiza says they are cheap to maintain and bring cool beauty to a garden. They are good for outdoor because they love full sunlight. Incase its overgrown, you can cut it back to ground level and it will re grow into a new, fresh and better looking plant.

The lilies

These are herbaceous flowering plants growing from bulbs. There flowers are naturally decorated with a mixture of colours. The pick flower is dotted with thick pink dots, a green spot in the middle, a lining of white pink at the side and a number of green leaves emerging from the shoots that cool the bright flower. Rose Masika a florist in Bukoto notes that there are other lilies are in red, cream, orange, white among other colours. These pants bring beauty and life to the garden.

Vegetable plants

She adds that these can work well as hanging plants, they are multipurpose as they bring beauty and can be eaten. These plants include: cherry tomatoes, egg plants and straw berry. They need to be sprayed to avoid pest invasion, constant weeding is also vital.


These are pretty and attractive flowers, they are best for indoor as they give a house a lit mood. Daffodil flowers are in a variety of colours that are naturally blended to give them an outstanding look. Wanja notes that yellow and white are the most common types but there are other colours like cream, red, purple among others.

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