Vicent Kwatampora takes over as University Secretary at Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Vicent Kwatampora takes over as University Secretary at Mbarara University of Science and Technology

Vicent Kwatampora is the new University Secretary at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST). Kwatampora  takes over from Melchior Byaruhanga, the outgoing University Secretary.  The handover ceremony for  new University Secretary was held at the university main campus.

The event was marked by insightful speeches and a strong focus on streamlined management, underscored the importance of simplicity in effective administration.

Keep It Simple and Effective

The ceremony was led by Associate Professor Charles Tushabomwe Kazooba, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in Finance and Administration (DVC F&A). In his opening remarks, he emphasized the importance of straightforward management strategies. “The only way to ensure smooth operations is to keep things simple and stupid,” he said, commending Mr. Melchior Byaruhanga, the outgoing University Secretary, for successfully applying this principle.

A Seasoned Leader Departs

Mr. Byaruhanga, who joined MUST in 1998 and served as the University Secretary for over two decades, shared his journey and experiences. “It has been an honor to serve and manage top-level communication and navigate challenges,” he recounted, offering valuable advice to his successor, Mr. Vincent Kwatampora. Byaruhanga highlighted the importance of active listening, teamwork, and prioritizing student needs.

New Leadership: Vincent Kwatampora Steps Up

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Kwatampora expressed gratitude for the mentorship he received from Mr. Byaruhanga and the trust placed in him by the university council. “I want to thank God for today and extend my gratitude to the council led by Dr. Warren Namara and the top management team led by Prof. Celestino Obua for believing in me,” he stated. Acknowledging the financial constraints faced by the university, Kwatampora pledged to work collaboratively to address these challenges.

Guidance and Support

Vice Chancellor Prof. Celestino Obua welcomed Mr. Kwatampora and stressed the importance of adaptability and teamwork. “Understanding which situations require specific approaches will be key. Teamwork, humility, and openness to colleagues will be invaluable assets,” Prof. Obua advised. He also commended Mr. Byaruhanga for his calm demeanor during challenging times.

Collaboration for Success

Dr. Stevens Kisakka, Chair of the Appointments Board, acknowledged past disagreements but emphasized the importance of moving forward with the new leadership. He pledged the council’s support to Mr. Kwatampora and encouraged open communication, ensuring a collaborative approach to governance.

A Smooth Transition

The ceremony marked a smooth transition in leadership at MUST, with a focus on collaboration, effective communication, and student well-being. Under Mr. Kwatampora’s guidance, the university is well-positioned for continued success.


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