A Glimpse into the future of Uganda Technology and Management University

A Glimpse into the future of Uganda Technology and Management University
Prof. Baryamureeba Venansius
Prof. Baryamureeba Venansius

UTAMU @ 2 Years:

Its now two years since we announced the start of Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) on 7th September2014.

It has been a great run and the milestones achieved so far, are gratifying. UTAMU has indeed made remarkable strides, an indicator that we are set to make and break records.

I wish to congratulate everyone who made this happen; your efforts are paying off. It’s therefore in order for all of us to celebrate UTAMU’s 2nd Anniversary and the success so far, in honour of all those who have contributed to its growth.

It has only been two years, but just as I had predicted, UTAMU is the undisputed National Centre of Excellence in ICT, Computing and Management in Uganda. Today, UTAMU is also internationally recognised as an upcoming Centre for Excellence in Technology and Management as reflected in the ranking by Webometrics. UTAMU scooped a startling position as the 12th best University in Uganda and 353rd in Africa (out of 37 and 1307 higher Education Institutions in Uganda and Africa respectively) beating several of our predecessors that have existed for decades. The writing is on the wall; in the next few years, UTAMU will be the leading University in Technology and Management on the African Continent.

UTAMU also continues to forge Partnerships with the best Universities in Uganda, and the world at large. UTAMU is collaboratively running a Joint PhD programme with Mbarara University of Science and Technology. Uganda Technology and Management University also signed an MoU with Uganda Christian University to collaboratively run four Master’s programmes. Since September 2012, the University has been in partnership with Amity University to run several Masters and Bachelors Programmes online. UTAMU also entered into an MoU with the University of Limpopo and Human Sciences Research Council of South Africa on Joint Research and Capacity Building. Recently, the University entered into a partnership with GIZ and Saarland University to run a joint blended postgraduate Programme in Evaluation. More collaborations are in the offing.

The Institution is also at the forefront of Capacity Development in the Public Service Sector in the region as demonstrated by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with Tanzania Public Service College. UTAMU also supports Capacity Building in the Public Service Sector in Uganda.

UTAMU boasts of the Best Professors in Technology and Management on the Continent and they continue to grow in numbers. The University uses blended learning (a combination of online and face to face delivery of content) for all its programmes. From only undergraduate Programmes in May 2013, UTAMU today offers postgraduate diplomas, undergraduate degrees and diplomas. I also expect the total student population to surpass the 1,000 mark by the end of this year.

UTAMU also plans to have a Campus in each of the East African Community (EAC) Member States which will be ICT enabled. In the near future, we shall also compliment the current mode of delivery (blended learning) with Radio and Television transmission of content.

By 2015, the UTAMU Kenya campus will be open and by 2017, UTAMU Tanzania and Rwanda Campuses will follow suit. By 2018, UTAMU South Sudan campus should open. UTAMU is pursuing regional integration through Education; and by 2015 it shall be mandatory for all UTAMU students to spend at least 2 semesters at any of the other UTAMU campuses before fulfilling the requirements for the award of a degree.

By 2020, UTAMU programmes will be delivered to every homestead in East Africa using multiple content delivery channels which shall be mainly ICT enabled.

UTAMU has no doubt evolved to one of the top Universities in the world. Indeed, the University has truly lived up to its motto “For an Open Mind” as it continues to excel in providing its students with the best Education, comparable to none in the region.

Congratulations once again on achieving this memorable milestone!

By Prof. Baryamureeba, Vice Chancellor UTAMU

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