Victoria University Unveils Singer Sheebah as Career Ambassador

Victoria University Unveils Singer Sheebah as Career Ambassador

On Wednesday 03rd May 2023, Victoria University (VU)  launched its Career Readiness and Employability program, the first of its kind on the African Continent.

During the ceremony, singer Sheebah unveiled as the University Career Ambassador 2023.

 The University Vice Chancellor, Prof Lawrence Muganga while  unveiled Sheebah,  he noted that she is the true epitome of perseverance and hard work and her success story is a testament to every young person’s potential.

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”Sheebah dreamt big to excel amidst several storms in her life; we teach, believe, and support all our students to dream big, and she will be a living example for them and we are proud to unveil her as our brand ambassador 2023,” said Prof Muganga.

Sheebah was born and raised by a single mother in Kawempe, a Division, and suburb of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Despite dropping out of school in Senior two, she started dancing for money at 15 and developed a successful solo career in music.

”We support all students who think or are ready to think and dream big, just as Sheebah did. We are here to nurture people’s dreams and innovations through the training they receive,” said Prof Muganga adding;

Accepting the responsibility, Sheebah emotionally thanked Prof Muganga for seeing value in her that sometimes other people don’t see. 

”Dear, Prof Muganga, thank you for trusting an S.2 dropout to be a brand ambassador of such a big University. Thanks for seeing the uniqueness in me. Some people judge us based on how they see us on TV but Professor Muganga is a great leader who focuses on our capabilities,” said Sheebah.

Being a Brand Ambassador, the singer had a lot to share with her students who yearned to listen to her heart-touching presentation.

Queen Karmar shared a brief story of her long a tough-journey from childhood being raised by a single but very committed mother. 

”You’ve all heard about my story. How my mummy couldn’t even manage to buy a single sacket of salt for our home. But guess what today am building for her a swanky home in Mityana and why am I telling you this, never give up, focus higher and work hard you will make it,” Sheebah passed a message of hope to the students.

She vowed and promised to use her name, following and networks to make Victoria University a brand that everyone will yearn to join. 

“I can’t thank enough Victoria University for introducing this wonderful Career Readiness & Employability Program, you people don’t know tears outside there, tears of a first-class graduate hustling for a job but without skill, tears of a parent who used all she had to teach her child but after graduation has to cough another money to start a business for that same child…I mean … I didn’t finish school, and all the English I speak I taught myself but if CREP was a person it would be me. I know what I have passed through teaching myself all the skills to be who I am. That’s why you must thank Victoria University management for bringing this new program to help you get those skills.”

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