VIDEO: Number One By Alex Muhangi

Alex Muhangi reassures his love for his partner in his new song titled ‘Number One’.

“I cannot even believe that he is a musician. I never saw that coming,” reads a comment from Loice Kasande on the “Number Emu” video on YouTube.

Loice is not the only person who still can’t wrap her mind around the fact that Muhangi has fully taken on music as a career.

But he has! Already, Alex Muhangi has a couple of songs out and has also featured in music videos for some of the best local artists.

Four days ago, Alex Muhangi released yet another song titled ‘Number One’ and on it, he showcases his versatility with the RnB touch.

In the video directed by Trizz, Muhangi tries to visualize the message embedded in the lyrics as he assures his lover that she is his one and only.

Produced by Artin Pro, the love song has a smooth flow as Muhangi wraps his vocals around the properly arranged lyrics sung in Luganda and English.

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