Vyper Ranking Criticizes Media Houses Over Withholding to play his ‘Gwookya’ song

Vyper Ranking Criticizes Media Houses Over Withholding to play his ‘Gwookya’ song

Vyper Ranking has expressed discontent over some media houses’ refusal to air his latest song dubbed Gwookya.

He said if the media houses claim that the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) ordered them not to air the song because it contains mature scenes, then the directive shouldn’t only apply to Ugandan content.

Vyper Ranking singled out Girlfriend, a song by Nigerian star Ruger, which he said should be censored too.

“It’s been a few weeks now since I released the official video of my single Gwookya, which is off the EP I am yet to serve the world with, and in the course of promoting this video, I have faced challenges as it was rejected by some media houses just because of the vixen wearing a bikini in the visuals. These music presenters gave me an excuse which was unjust, that my visuals don’t meet the broadcasting standards as per the Uganda Communications Commission directive under the Anti-Pornography law,” he wrote on his social media.

“My video Gwookya was released on the same date as Girlfriend by Nigeria’s Ruger, which, I guess, has more obscene scenes than mine, but the funny part of it is those same media houses that rejected mine that it didn’t meet the standards as per the UCC directives, are broadcasting foreign videos with more obscene scenes than any Ugandan work/video of late,” he added.

Gwookya was shot in a semi-desert setting with one female vixen and the singer.

In the video, the vixen wears a black bikini and dances for the singer.

It also contains an outdoor bedroom scene, where the vixen and the singer sit on the bed.

In Ruger’s Girlfriend, the director TG Omori goes for a Jamaican concept, gathering several girls around the singer.

The girls, dressed in knickers, patras and bikinis, shake their behinds as if they are about to drop them to the ground as others lift their legs into the sky, exposing their nether regions.

There is another pornographic scene shot on the beach.

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