We ought to learn the University Anthems.

It may seem funny, but sincerely, how many of us can sing our University Anthems. You can wittiness this during university functions where a handful can rightly sing the Anthems.

Analysis shows that about 3% of the students can fully sing the university Anthems and less than 40% of them can at least gamble with the first sentences. But whatever follows there after is total disaster.

Research further shows that it’s not only the students who cannot sing these Anthems but also some administrators. And the situation is worse when it comes to our beloved lecturers.

Major reasons for this weakness include the students’ negative attitude towards learning the Anthems which is caused by lack of information. There have been minimal efforts by the concerned people to encourage both the lecturers and students to learn how to sing the University Anthems.

However, all is not lost; there is still room for improvement if the universities can provide hard printed copies of these Anthems to the students and lecturers. This will assist us eliminate this problem. Otherwise, it is a shame for us to be associated with our different institutions yet we can’t even sing the Anthems. “Shame upon us”

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