What Bala David Bwiruka says about bed-love rumors with his cabinet minister

What Bala David Bwiruka says about bed-love rumors with his cabinet minister
Makerere university Guild President 2015/2016, Bala David Bwiruka

Bala David Bwiruka, Makerere university Guild President 2015/2016 is such an interesting person when it comes to love matters. The Tiger opened up about rumors that he picked a very good girlfriend from one of his Guild Cabinet ministers to be his girlfriend. Derrick Ssenyonga caught up with Bala and he writes…..

Recently you have been in tabloids that you picked a very good girlfriend from one of your ministers. Do you want to confirm you have a girlfriend or deny?

I have friends; I think it is very important to do first things first. By the way I have discipline. I do not need guidance from my parents or friends to or not to do particular things. I have a lot of respect for issues to do with making love or relationships. I think that is a department that you need to go to when you are ready; to say am in a love scandal is really a joke.

Are you saying there is no first lady? I have friends, nothing like this relationship, to say am dating, is like saying that Makerere university won’t get the best services, let’s do first things first.

Services, lets now talk about security; the university has lost students due to increased insecurity, this is happening in other universities as well, what are you doing as guild president to make us feel safe?

We at Makerere are doing something, and very soon, we shall evaluate with the guild security committee. We have been able to push, I can tell you if you go to the main building, senate and main library , there are CCTV cameras, we are now working on the entrances.

Very soon this, year, we are going to have a student guild activity which will contribute to the ground breaking of the perimeter wall fence, we have written to police and asked for more deployment and the university has recruited more security guards.

We have identified all dark spots and before August ends, we will have security lights around all the dark spots at campus. As far as security is concerned, we as the student guild, we have done something

Now back to university football, the Makerere University-Kyambogo university games do not take place and if they do, they don’t end. Rowdy fans always interfere with such matches and the blame is on Makerere university students? Will such a vice end?

I think, greatly this is an attachment to institutions, the pride that students attach to their universities. You will find that members at Makerere are proud to be at the university and so are those at Kyambogo university.

In such a match, we want to know who is better than the other. I think it is very good to get excited, the problem is when it gets to the extreme. You cannot say its Makerere because even Kyambogo does it.

But can this violence be stopped? Yes it can, this is the center of intellectualism. By the way, most of the matches are always orderly, it is the other places where people are a little rudimentary and they have rural approach to these things.

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