What Flavia is doing to men at NTV

What Flavia is doing to men at NTV
What flavia is doing to men at Ntv.
Flavia Tumusiime is silently making many men to pocket at office.

Uganda’s entertainment prodigy,Flavia Tumusiime has turned NTV news into a telenovela that men are religiously following thanks to her eloquence and beauty.

But have you thought what she is doing to her workmates, especially the men who have to help her throughout her first days in her new anchoring job?

I have observed that like the men watching the 9pm news at the Serena based TV station, Flavia’s workmates at NTV are having scrotal riots every minute because of the capital fm presenter’s beauty.

We have been told that one of her news colleagues has made it clear that Flavia is her dream girl. The same man who was accused of  hitting on former Miss Uganda west, Anita Fabiola when she was still with NTV is currently on Flavia’s case and rightly so.

Most of the men in the control room are no longer concentrating thanks to flavia’s curves. The media personality who claims to be single is to cause  more erections at the station that she joined a few months ago.

Time to catch the 9pm news, not because we are so much into current affairs ,but because……well, I’ll keep you posted.

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