What Freshers Expect Vs What really happens at Campus

What Freshers Expect Vs What really happens at Campus
Students applying for vacancies at Makerere university
Students applying for vacancies at Makerere university

Before enrollment, wonders storm in people’s minds on how life after vacation will be like. Once high school life is completed, students are always in honey moons of vacation; at least for the first three months. Reality storms in immediately all impeding results are released. First Senior One leave for school, later Senior Five and now boredom sets in. What initially seemed an enjoyable experience turns into life of loneliness.

During this time, all hope is put into application for university admission. The few who are sure of either national merit sponsorship or district quota never bother applying.

They sit comfortably as their peers struggle with the mathematics of enrollment. All the while, a few are employed, while others are home or helping run family businesses. But reality is, all are fed up of home and want to go back to school.

There is a lot of imagination that runs into people’s heads, trying to figure out how life will be like, others preparing for it. Let’s look at what really the desperate souls think about and what exactly transpires at these universities.

  1. Beautiful and Handsome faces

Yes, it’s true the girls, boys, sent from heaven are at university. The looks are so charming and enticing; one can easily get a hook up in minutes. However, the beautiful girls are always classy! Hard-to-get, they play and are expensive to maintain once acquitted. They party Monday to Monday, they associate with rich niggers. Sugar daddies, with strings attached.

The boys on the other side, using their good looking faces, pulling off the swag with the latest phones and sleek dressing play the girls. They line up one after another. Some are too smart, to ever be caught.

Relationships at campus do not exist, in most cases, it’s for company. The relationships are usually built on sex. You are not ready to ‘give-some’, stay away from relationships.

  1. Classy hostels

Self-contained rooms, fully connected DSTV, flat TVs many fantasize. In reality, unless you are going to lie to your parents back home and inflate some tuition, relax and leave that for the ministers kids. Some students pimp up their rooms to home standards. Though some do so in the knowledge of parents, most of us lie to live the classy life we dream of.

Those that cannot afford the self-contained rooms, either share costs and live with roommate/s or opt for other less classy accommodations.

  1. Roomates: Friends become enemies

Living with a roommate is challenging, relatives became enemies, friends’ foes. The adaptation to living with a friend is always set up by reality. In every relation there shall be a leader. Once the leaders powers are questionable, conflicts arise. In the beginning, roommates shop together, eat together and share equally. Problems arise if one lets in visitors that un-comfort another, when one becomes dependent or when one doesn’t want to share responsibilities. Yes, small, unpredictable things like who washes the utensils lead to break-ups.

  1. Happening and the risks

The few who have spent their vacation around Kampala are now well accustomed to happening places. They have been escaping from home to meet friends in such areas, but have been limited by home curfews. Now they have the luxury, to stay out and close bars; if they wish. They can now visit their boyfriends and spend nights without questions. Freedom is with them.

Bars, night clubs, beach, hotels, cinemas name it. One will choose depending on the wallet, for boys (unless you have a rich girlfriend) or depending on what ‘daddy’ chooses.

Financial reality sets in if one did not manage their finances well. It’s not good to run broke in the first week, especially during bazaar yet most do. Purchases should be made on plan or you risk running broke.

Girls fall prey to ready men willing to spend in exchange for sex. Many are killed or raped if they deny advances from ‘daddies’. Ought to be careful.

  1. Lectures

Party and the grades will reflect. School at university is no different from the previous setting. Those who absorb into the freedom of doing what they want end up with retakes. A retake means redoing a paper, for starters. Forexample using high school knowledge, if one fails to raise 50% in a required paper say History, he or she will continue into another class, say F.6 but will always join the F.5 to re-sit the paper. It’s a hectic experience and can cost one graduation if the retake is got in the final year of study.

If you want good grades, take lectures seriously from day one. Some lecturers roll-call, give assignments for marks. You should never miss that.

Employment opportunities can be sought if they don’t interfere with one’s program of study.

  1. Gadgets

I-Phone 6, Galaxy Note 4, Laptops and TVs. When in class, students will always engage with their gadgets and make those who own ‘analogue’ phones feel they have to acquire a smart phone. If you want to keep in line with others, please save and buy at least a Huawei phone or TECNO smart phone at 150k otherwise, you will miss out a lot.

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