Who is Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile

Who is Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile

Professor Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile was officially installed as the first ever Chancellor of the International University of East Africa (IUEA). He was appointed Chancellor on 5th July 2010 by the Board of Trustees of the University.

The Chancellor confers degrees, awards diplomas, certificates and other academic awards, titles and distinctions of the University.

The installation of Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile as the first Chancellor of International University of East Africa was yet another testimony of his great commitment, love and support to education.


Who is Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile

Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile
Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile

Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile joined Makerere University in July 1970 to offer the Bachelor of Arts degree  course (Economics and Political Science).

He was elected Guild President of Makerere University, a position which brought him to the complete glare of the then hostile political system.

Given the trend of events at that time, Mutebile faced persecution and had to flee the country and complete his Bachelor`s degree course at Durham University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Political Science (Second Class Honours-Upper Division) degree of Durham University in June 1974.

His undergraduate dissertation was outstanding and in fact won the first prize in Economics at Durham University.

He successfully completed the first year of postgraduate studies in Economics between October 1974 and June 1975 and embarked on the Doctor of Philosophy studies by research at Oxford University soon thereafter.

As part of his PhD studies, Mutebile conducted field work in Tanzania while at the same time teaching at the University of Dar es Salaam.

The outbreak of Uganda`s Liberation War of 1979 interrupted his PhD studies as he eventually had to come back to Uganda and take on multiple assignments in the rebuilding of the then shattered economy of his dear motherland.

Tumusiime-Mutebile has worked as a consultant for many organizations such as World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Macroeconomic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Central Africa, UK Department for International Cooperation, Commonwealth Fund for Technical Cooperation, Canada North South Institute and for the Governments of Eritrea, Kenya, Nepal, Rwanda and Tanzania.

The perfect fusion between Emmanuel and the world of education commenced with his earlier studies at Kigezi High School and Kigezi College, through Makerere College and Makerere University before joining Durham University and Oxford University.

Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile has lectured in a number of Universities. He was a Tutorial Fellow at Balliol and St.Peter`s Colleges of the Oxford University between 1974 and 1977.

He was a Visiting Lecturer at Furnham Centre for International Briefing in 1977.

From December 1977 to June 1979, Prof. Mutebile was a lecturer of Industrial Economics at the University of Dar es Salaam. In December 2006, Makerere University appointed him Honorary Professor in the School of Economics and Management.

In November 2009, Nkumba University awarded him an Honorary Doctorate degree.

Outside the educational realms, Prof.Tumusiime-Mutebile has held many positions of high responsibility and national importance.  Upon returning to Uganda in 1979, he was appointed Deputy Principal Private Secretary to the President. In 1981, he was appointed Acting Under Secretary in the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and became the Chief Government Planning Economist in 1982.

He was promoted to the rank of Permanent Secretary in 1985 and transferred to the Prime Minister`s Office before being transferred back to the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development as Permanent Secretary in 1986.

He served as Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Treasury of the merged Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in April 1992. He held this post until December 2000 when he was elevated to the prestigious position of the Governor of the Central Bank of Uganda; a position which he holds up to the present time.

The entire community of the International University of East Africa derives great pleasure and pride in having Prof. Tumusiime-Mutebile as their first Chancellor of the University.

In spite of his heavy commitments in the fiscal industry, he has demonstrated his love for promoting education through participating in the actual teaching and supporting various educational institutions within and outside Uganda.

Professor Tumusiime-Mutebile currently lives in Kampala, with his wife Amooti Mutebile.

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