Why Coursework Love is a must-read Book for university students and lecturers

Why Coursework Love is a must-read Book for university students and lecturers

The Book cover of Coursework Love by Samuel Kamugisha
The Book cover of Coursework Love by Samuel Kamugisha

With every stroke of his pen, Samuel Kamugisha cracks a rib with his lessons-laced collection of short stories and poems that he tells with a tongue-in-cheek humor.

Titled Coursework Love: stories and poems from the Hill of The Learned, the pieces in this book are gracefully knitted with a rare adroitness that springs from the author’s creative head and flows to his keyboard.

In this publication, his maiden, Kamugisha chronicles his experiences and cheekily peers into others’ lives, at Makerere University.

The tales of students’ and lecturers’ strikes; of exams written on thighs; of internship memoirs; of warriors of love; of sex; of students’ guild election fanfare; of outings and dinners; of coursework hustles; of hostel life; and other tales, all wrapped up in 30 pieces in this brilliant anthology.

Blunt and bare, the language used by the writer breathes both life and wickedness into the short stories and poems, giving the reader lessons clothed in contrast.

Undoubtedly, the author’s skill has been sharpened at the whetstone of experience on university issues as a student, student leader and higher education reporter.

He shows mastery of the goings-on in the offices, bars, and lecture rooms: almost every crevice on his campus in his piece of work.

It is a first good work and Kamugisha is no doubt a writer to watch on Uganda’s literary scene.

Samuel Kamugisha
Samuel Kamugisha

The collection goes for Shs 10,000 and copies are available at Makerere University students’ guild offices.


Samuel Kamugisha is studied a bachelor’s course in Journalism and Communication at Makerere University.

He won the 2015 Tabere Mudini Award, sponsored by Monitor Publications, for his academic excellence. He has worked with The Observer’s education desk and the newspaper’s online department.

During his university days, Kamugisha worked as managing editor of The Makererean, the university’s official newspaper, and later as the managing editor for Journalism@Mak, an online publication for journalism students.

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