Why I will not marry a Ugandan lady

Everyone has a choice. And for me, I can not marry a lady from Uganda because of the reasons best known to me. If you don’t mind here we go:

The Bakiga ladies although they are hardworking, they don’t have any respect and can even fight your mother.  And the Banyankole ladies are too arrogant, proud and they don’t seem to care.

The Baganda ladies are great liars and will never live in the village. They think marriage is impossible without money. And the Basoga ladies are too difficult. They will never tell you what is on their hearts.

Batooro ladies make a lot of noise in bed The landlord can even chase you away from the apartments.

Teso ladies are drunkards  and Banyoro ladies are like kids, you must teach them almost everything in a family.

Japathola ladies eat food as if there is no tomorrow.

Bamba and Bagwisi ladies are good at witchcraft and are dry as if they live in the desert Ooooh!

Bakonjo ladies will wake you up at midnight to play sex…aahha and the Bagungu ladies will produce 10 kids but among the ten, two are yours.

Where do fall?…………………..I’m just whispering.

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