Why ladies should never share bedroom secrets with their girlfriends

Why ladies should never share bedroom secrets with their girlfriends
Sharing bedroom secrets is a bad idea.
Sharing bedroom secrets is a bad idea.

You tell your girlfriends everything about your relationship. But you know what they say . . .love them all but trust none! No matter how close you are to a woman, it’s a bad idea to share all the details of your relationship with your close female friends.

Telling them about your man’s foot long 4-5, or how he takes his time during foreplay is a bad idea. “Oooh girl, he is so good you won’t believe it. “He makes me want to jump off the roof,” you hear some women tell their friends.

“He takes time in bed and he is loaded, girl. “I have never had such a lover.”

Guess what? She will want to have a taste of the pleasures you experience from your man. While making love, every woman wishes for a man who takes his time between the sheets.

No woman wants a one-minute man who will rush, come quickly and leave her high and dry. These type of men are what we call “rabbit pokers” . . . they poke quickly like a rabbit in a race. It’s very frustrating to have such a man in your life.

These brothers who poke for one are plain selfish, but unfortunately most women end up with men like that.
That’s why telling your girlfriends that you have a man who isn’t selfish is a very bad idea.

Mind you, these are the same girlfriends you hang out with when you go out on weekends in the company of your man. They will see your man and picture him poking them. After all, every woman deserves to be fully sexually satisfied. And can you blame them for wanting some of what you get?

You have given the girl a reason to want to experience some of the pleasures you have daily. A large number of women are sexually frustrated, trust me, especially those who are in relationships.

It’s quite painful to be with a man who is a one-show poker. So do yourself a favour, ladies, and don’t share out your bedroom secrets all away. Rather tell a little white lie if your girls insist on knowing about your bedroom issues. Just tell them he is so bad that it’s not even funny.

This will keep your girlfriends away from your hot poker. That way you will have all the pleasures to yourself. Remember, sharing is not always caring.

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