Why University Students are Highly Targeted by Criminals; the love trap

Why University Students are Highly Targeted by Criminals; the love trap
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University students a less knowledgeable about tricksters’ traps: COURTESY PHOTO

With one of the highest level of education, a person may think University students are very brilliant and less prone to manipulation.

However, students at Universities are the most vulnerable to crime including but not limited to kidnaps, counterfeit, theft and to the extreme, murder.

This can be attributed to ignorance where students especially freshers are less informed on the threats surrounding them.

Most students think they are protected at the University campus and therefore take less efforts in taking heed and watching their surrounding.

“In year one, my friends and I were in the freedom square discussing [Makerere University] when I noticed that My phone which was earlier lying besides me gone,” a student narrated.

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Apart from ignorance, criminals target students because they know for the fact that the latter are naive and cant escape their treacherous tricks.

Conmen come in all shapes, color and new tricks. These groups are always on the look out for weak individuals who can easily fall prey to their games.

One of the most common scheme that fake men are currently employing to lure University students is LOVE.

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Conmen [including women] come under the guise of having a romantic attraction towards their victims. They start a love relationship while keeping their plot in mind.

Students are so weak and desperate for love. When a nice charming man or lady comes by, it is hard to say know. These treacherous lovers shower their victims with all the affections that no money can buy.

The period of the relationship depends on how hard or easy their prey turns out to be as well as how hefty the harvest will be. So, for three or name it time, The couple rocks off before the attacker finally makes the move.

These are usually good schemers who study their environment for the best opportunity to strike and before you could know it, you an added number to their victim list. Some will even go far as to legalize the relationship.

The target is majorly money or material. Most students have lost large chunks of money that was meant for tuition and property like laptops to their love impostors.

Before you give your whole, pour out your heart and soul to someone, do some background check, study their behavior very well but still do not place your entire life into hands.

On the part of ladies, they basically work with their partners. They trick male individuals into believing that they are smitten and want to spend a night with them or even the rest of their lives with them.

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They either rob them off of their money or property. These trickstars are too brilliant to win their victims’ trust who sign most of their property in the names of their loved ones and when the bad gets to worse, they are left with nothing.

There are alot of schemes that tricksters use on University students. Do not fall for the love trap!

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