William Ruto Duly Elected President Of Kenya

William Ruto Duly Elected President Of Kenya

Kenya’s Supreme Court has rejected challenges to the presidential election and upheld Deputy President William Ruto’s win.

In a judgment read by Chief Justice Martha Koome, the seven-judge bench unanimously ruled that the August 9 presidential election was conducted in line with the country’s constitution.

While delivering the judgment, Chief Justice Martha Koome said that no credible evidence was presented to prove that anyone accessed the forms to intercept, detain or store forms 34A temporarily before they were uploaded to the public portal.

“The allegation that 11,000 forms 34A were affected by staging were not proved. A review of some of the logs produced as evidence of staging shows that they were either from the 2017 Presidential election or they were outright forgeries,” said CJ Koome.

On whether Venezuelan Jose Carmago accessed the RTS and interfered with the results, CJ Koome said that it turned out to be no more than hot air.

“We were taken on a wild goose chase that yielded nothing of value,” she said.

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