Women’s Day Ended Badly For Lynda Ddane As She lost car side mirrors to thieves

Women’s Day Ended Badly For Lynda Ddane As She lost car side mirrors to thieves

Well known television personnel Lynda Ddane’s car was left mirrorless for a couple of hours after thieves made away with them on Wednesday afternoon.

June 2022, Lynda Uwamahoro popularly known as Lynda Ddane survived the boda boda hustle as she acquired a car to ease her transportation by getting a brand new car.

Her BMW X series ride has not lived to celebrate its anniversary in one piece after thieves eased off with the side mirrors while parked at the Monitor Publications premises.

Media Personnel Lynda Ddane in her car.

For some good months now, Twitter has been witnessing car mirror thefts with some people providing evidence in video form of thugs stealing their mirrors during traffic jam hours.

Some others have shared photos showing their cars lacking several parts and narrated how thieves have now made a habit of it.

Lynda Ddane is the latest victim of the growing vice after her BMW registration plate UBK 711X was vandalized and robbed by thieves.

The news was revealed to us by a source at the premises. The deejay then revealed how it happened via her Snapchat account.“Not my car being vandalized and robbed in broad daylight! And me spending hours filing cases and chasing replacing for my parts…What a women’s day. I want to cry,” she revealed

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