You need our help – Daniela Atim Reply Sandra Teta

You need our help – Daniela Atim Reply Sandra Teta

After musician, Weasel’s girlfriend, Sandra Teta, comes out asking Jose Chameleone’s wife, Daniella Atim, to stay away from her family issues, Daniella has replied to Sandra, saying she is not surprised by her comments because she is trying to defend her man.

According to the post shared on her official Instagram page this morning, Daniella expressed disappointment in Sandra’s request to have her stop talking about her and Weasel following allegations that she was beaten by the singer.

According to Daniella, Sandra is just trying to defend the singer, but she lives in “a bed full of thorns.”

“Of course, I have seen Sandra running her mouth, speaking gibberish while living in Utopia. And that’s completely OK and not surprising.

This is exactly why she needs us all. Sandra needs as much grace as we can all offer her. Let us be patient with her. Let’s keep encouraging her and even hyping her . We all know she needs it now. Nobody expects it to be easy for her. In fact, we sympathize with every Sandra and only hope that they snap out of it just in time for us all to celebrate, “Daniella wrote.

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