Balaam Planned Pallaso, Alien Skin Stunt – Eddy Kenzo

Balaam Planned Pallaso, Alien Skin Stunt – Eddy Kenzo

Musicians Pallaso and Alien Skin recently held separate successful concerts on the same day, which inadvertently violated the regulations of both the musicians federation and the promoters’ association. This unexpected turn of events caused quite a stir within the music industry.

Eddy Kenzo, a prominent musician, shed some light on the situation, revealing that the federation had attempted to intervene and halt Alien Skin’s concert through the involvement of the police. However, much to their surprise, the spokesperson of the Uganda promoter’s association, Promoter Balunywa, instructed them to cease their efforts.

In a shocking revelation, Kenzo claimed that Promoter Balunywa informed them that the decision to schedule Alien Skin’s concert on the same day as Pallaso’s had received approval from Balaam, a well-known figure in the industry. Furthermore, Kenzo stated that Balunywa had collaborated with Abitex, another influential player in the music scene, to orchestrate this simultaneous event.

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Struggling to believe this information, Kenzo and his team arranged a conference call with both Balaam and Abitex to seek clarification. While Abitex confirmed their involvement in the arrangement, Balaam’s response remained ambiguous and inconclusive.

Adding fuel to the fire, a photograph of Balaam and Abitex casually enjoying each other’s company began circulating on social media. Sources claimed that Abitex had allegedly paid Balaam a sum of 15 million shillings as a form of compensation following the concert.

The revelation of these behind-the-scenes dealings and the potential collusion between key figures in the industry created a wave of controversy and speculation among music enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. The story shed light on the challenges faced by musicians and the complexities of the music business, leaving many questioning the fairness and transparency within the industry.

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