Beauty Tips for Ladies: To have or not to have short hair

Beauty Tips for Ladies: To have or not to have short hair

Short haircuts for ladies have not just made their way into the fashion world but of recent, they are becoming more popular and widely accepted especially for African ladies.

Despite the existence of several other hairstyles like braids and weaves, fashion- vigilant ladies are not afraid to cut off their treasured long locks in preference of a short but nicely trimmed hairdo.

Gone are the days when short hair was attributed to women undergoing financial crises, having slow growing hair, the elderly, or schoolgirls.

Of late, as ladies are increasingly embracing their natural hair, they are venturing into the trend of trimming and styling it in various ways too. Short hair suits all age groups, so any woman out there can stun with it.

At any one point, you will spot a female celebrity momentarily rocking a haircut. Some of Uganda’s renowned female celebrities like Lillian Mbabazi, Keko, Cindy and many others have abandoned long hairstyles for short haircuts; not forgetting the legendary ‘Janet cut’ which got its name from the first lady, Janet Museveni.

Ladies, unlike what many people think; haircuts will not make you lose your femininity. All you have to do is properly accessorize your short hair with the right make-up proper jewelry, and a smashing outfit.

Short hair can be left natural, kinky or treated and curled (tongs); there’s just a lot you can do with it.
Those bold enough can even go in for a bald look or mohawk. It is up to the individual to make a choice according to their preferences.

While some ladies prefer to keep their short hair black, others prefer to spice up the look by adding various shades of tint or henna in order to stand out of the crowd. Hair specialists however advise women to be careful with the use of non-conventional products on their hair.

The fashion bit aside, having short hair has a load of health benefits too. The mere fact that it is short saves one the headaches that come with braiding or weaving hair.

With short hair, one can always be assured of having a well aerated scalp. It is also very easy to wash and dry compared to weaved or braided hair which usually has to wait for weeks or even months to be undone first and then washed; not to mention the reduced breakage since less force is applied to it.

When keeping your hair short, it is advisable to always maintain it. Regular trimming is good for a flawless look, as well as oiling for a well hydrated scalp.

For those who treat it, it is recommended to use hair and scalp friendly chemicals for sustainable results. Hair stylists can always advise on the best products for each hair type.

Fashion is all about trying so don’t be afraid to try something new. Surprise your friends by stepping out with that haircut.


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