Bribery, extortion at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport

Bribery, extortion at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport

There are high levels of bribery and extortion involving Immigration officials at Entebbe International Airport, this publication reveals.

Our reporters talked to 21 travellers who have either been victims of the extortion or seen someone being pushed to pay a bribe to be cleared for travel.

Hundreds of people from all walks of life and countries pass through Entebbe International Airport to Uganda, on their way out or in transit to another country.

The travelers are cleared by Immigration Officials before they are allowed to proceed to their destinations.

The travelers are required to present their travel documents for clearance. The immigration officials check the documents to determine any possible inconsistencies or forgery among other.

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It is this authority that immigration officers are using to extort money from desperate travelers.

According to rapper Don MC Kapata who has disclosed that he missed a flight for refusing to pay a bribe of Shs3.7m.

The rapper wrote on his Twitter account stressing that the airport is full of arrogant, incompetent, and corrupt workers whose main job is to make travelers miss their flights intentionally.

The “Yes Yes” rapper claimed there is extortion at the airport after falling victim to the incident where he declined to dish out cash to the workers who demanded him to pay.

He noted that he heard one of them telling the colleague not to allow him to fly out if he declines to pay the bribe which eventually happened thus missing the flight.

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