Chozen Blood Accused Of Snatching Mr. Lee’s Wife

Chozen Blood Accused Of Snatching Mr. Lee’s Wife

Word on the street had it that Chozen Blood’s current girlfriend was Mr. Lee’s daily love and many have pinned him for being a bad friend. This has been escalated by his new song dubbed “Nalozako” in which he praises himself as having “tasted” someone(a girl).

Well, the “slayquin” singer gave a capitalized big “NO” to the rumours and said he is not capable of doing such a thing to a fellow musician and brother. He said the song has nothing to do with him and Mr. Lee.

“That’s not true. The song is about my past love with someone, not Mr. Lee’s girlfriend. He is my fellow artist. The B2C boys are my friends. I have never snatched any of their girls we go to the gym together and we are cool,” he said.

Chozen has been linked to Swangz Avenue’s fire baby Winnie Nwagi despite not hanging together as much as they did when they outed their song dubbed “Yitayo ondabeko” which became a slogan in town. Some onlookers think “Nalozako” is attributed to her.

Mr. Lee(real name Mugisha Richard) is one of the three singers in the group called B2C.

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