Consulting service Job – Gescod / Expat Assist Limited

Consultancy Title:   Call for Expressions Of Interest: Consulting service – SPORT Strategy Consultant

Organisation: Gescod / Expat Assist Limited

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

SLICKS Project: Sustainable Learning and Inclusive Cities, Kampala & Strasbourg

Project reference:

Project Title: SLICKS projects: building a sustainable, learning and inclusive city in Kampala

Lead funder:         AFD, FICOL system

Funding agreement: CUG1095 01 B

Partnership: City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg / Kampala Capital City Authority

Procurement led by Gescod and Expat Assist Uganda as its legal in-country representative.

Consulting service: Recruitment of a contractor to conduct a participatory diagnosis of the education system in Kampala and to assist KCCA in the development of a five-year Sport strategy 2023-2027.

Contracting Authority: Gescod represented by Expat Assist Limited in Uganda

Date Of Publication: Tuesday 13 December 2022

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: Tuesday 3rd of January 2023, 5pm Uganda time

Submission Email:

Destination: Individual consultants, firms or associations


Download Full TOR

About Context:

The SLICKS (Sustainable, Learning and Inclusive Cities Kampala and Strasbourg) project is the result of a partnership between the City and Eurometropole of Strasbourg and KCCA (Kampala Capital City Authority) began in 2018 and is taking shape as a project that reflects the local and global challenges facing cities. Lasting two years, it is implemented with the support of GESCOD, delegated project owner, and is funded by the French Development Agency and focuses on three components: urban agriculture, green spaces and education.

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The objective of the education component is to strengthen the educational and extracurricular offer in the city in order to promote a learning territory, better equipped to face the challenges of today’s growing young population. Within the framework of this component, KCCA (Kampala Capital City Authority) wishes to recruit, with the support of Gescod, a consultant to accompany the Sport Sector strategic plan that would be aligned to NDP III and the Kampala City Strategic Plan, FY 2020/21 – 2024/25.

To facilitate the management of local contracts, GESCOD has signed a representation agreement with the local agency, ExpatAssist Uganda Limited to execute local contracts on its behalf for the duration of the Project. The assignments ExpatAssist Uganda Limited will undertake on behalf of GESCOD will thus include staff recruitment, payroll management, contract management and procurement of services and supplies as and when required.

KCCA will be the beneficiary of this consultancy, Expat Assist Limited uganda will be the local  contractor.

The mission:

The purpose of the Respondent’s Services will be to Undertake an evaluation of the City’s sports and recreation sector with a view of identifying strength, opportunities for development, bottlenecks that might affect sector development in relation to all relevant Directorates. The consultancy will support KCCA in collaboration with other agencies, including NPA and the Ministry of Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs, the Ministry of Education and Sports; National Council of Sports the Private sector, the NGO and civil society at large to develop a new five-year Sport Strategic Plan, FY 2023– 27.

The following tasks and support activities will be performed as part of the assignment:

  • Engage with designated KCCA top management and the Education and Social Services Directorate Heads in order to develop a general understanding of the direction of the organization and the Sport Sector. The consultant will have to plan regular meeting with the project team in charge of supporting the development of this strategy and organize workshops with the sport officers and supervisors of the directorate to ensure the understanding of their vision and responsibilities while supporting the development of sport in the city.
  • Engage with cross section of stakeholders in the Sport Sector in order to develop a general understanding, opportunities and challenges facing the Sector in the City through consultation approach and methods that will be developed with the Education and Social Services directorate.
  • Review relevant documents, policies and project documents in place
  • Outline key thematic areas for the new City Sport strategy.
  • Identify gaps in service delivery and response to stakeholder needs.
  • Define with the project team the methodology for participative consultation at division and city level
  • Identify key opportunities and challenges within the Directorate of Education and Social Services that require to be addressed.
  • Identify key opportunities and challenges in the City Sport Sector that require to be addresses
  • Preparation of a five-year strategic plan with specific strategies to cover both development and operational ambitions.

Candidate profile:

  • Master’s degree in sport planning, management, administration
  • At least 10 years relevant experiences in sport consultation in Uganda and in East African region
  • Experience in elaborating a Sport strategic plan with government agencies, cities, UN agencies
  • Effective Communication, stakeholder engagement and change management
  • Development planning and management.
  • Working with government partners and other stakeholders in public sector development programs including in the Sport sector
  • Participatory approaches in conducting assessments and facilitating strategic planning processes.
  • Strategic planning processes and relevant document preparation.

The SLICKS project managed by Gescod through Expat Assist in Uganda invites Respondents to express their interest in providing the Services described above.

This Call for Expressions of Interest is addressed to :

  • Design offices
  • Individual Consultants
  • NGO
  • NGO and consulting firm(s) in a grouping

Guidelines for submission:  Download Full TOR

The eligibility criteria for AFD financing are specified in Article 1.3 of the “Guidelines for Procurement financed by AFD in Foreign States”, available online at the AFD website:

Respondents may submit only one Application on their own behalf or as a Group. If an Applicant (including a member of a Grouping) submits or participates in more than one application, these  will be eliminated. However, the same Subcontractor may participate in several applications.

If the Respondent is a Consortium, the Expression of Interest must include:

  • A copy of the Grouping agreement concluded by all its members,


  • A letter of intent to form a Consortium, signed by all members and accompanied by a copy of the proposed Consortium Agreement.

In the absence of this document, the other members will be considered as Subcontractors .

References and qualifications of Subcontractors  are not considered in the evaluation of applications.

All interested Applicants must provide information demonstrating that they are qualified and experienced to perform the Services. In this regard, they shall provide evidence of recent and similar service references.

The application must include: (Download Full TOR)

  • Letter of Expression of Interest (template in Annex 1.) ;
  • Applicant’s CV;
  • Argument justifying the quality of the candidate – Brief expression of the candidate competences and experiences
  • At least one reference of similar experience (certificate of completion or equivalent);
  • Signed Declaration of Integrity (template in Annex 2.) ;
  • The certificate of registration for company/Ngo.

In terms of presentation, the offer :

  • Shall not exceed 15 pages all inclusive (including the Annex form 1 and 2); and
  • Will consist of a single PDF document of less than 5 MB.

The calls Expressions of Interest will be analyzed based on:

  • The nature of the Services: Conducting participatory diagnoses with key stakeholders in the sport sector in Kampala, developing city-wide sport strategy with associated authorities;
  • From the field and technical expertise of sport;
  • The geographical context of the city of Kampala

The Client will also consider the suitability of the Expressions of Interest with respect to the following criteria:

  • Experience in conducting participatory diagnoses in the sport sector
  • Experience in developing sport strategies (in schools and communities)
  • Experience working in the sport sector in Kampala
  • Proficiency in English and local languages used in Kampala
  • Experience working with government partners in Kampala would be an advantage
  • Availability of the provider from January to June 2023

In the case of a Grouping, its representative as well as any member having its headquarters outside the country of the Client must meet each of these criteria.

An application that does not meet any of these requirements will be disqualified.

Gescod with KCCA and Expat Assist will draw up a short list of a maximum of six (6) Candidates, pre-selected on the basis of the applications received, to whom it will send the Request for Proposal for the performance of the required Services. The Request for Proposal will be send to the candidates short listed by 17 January 2023.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted to the address below Email:

All interested Applicants may obtain additional information at the address mentioned below, at the following times: between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. until December 22, 2022 at the email address above.

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