GIS Officer – SLICKS Project  Job – Gescod / Expat Assist Limited

Job Title:   GIS Officer – SLICKS Project   

Organisation: Gescod / Expat Assist Limited

Duty Station:  City Hall, Kampala, Uganda


About US:

In the context of promoting sustainable urban development through partnerships between local authorities in Sub-Saharan Africa and France, KCCA and the City and Eurometropole of Strasbourg signed a partnership agreement in August 2022. Under this agreement, the two cities will implement the joint project: “Build a sustainable, learning and inclusive city in Kampala”, over three years from May 2022 to December 2024. The project focuses on three themes: green spaces, education and urban agriculture.

The French Development Agency (AFD) provided financing for this Project and recruited the French-based NGO, GESCOD with the responsibility of managing the project fund and supporting the implementation the project between the two city teams.

To facilitate the management of local contracts, GESCOD has signed a representation agreement with the local agency, ExpatAssist Uganda Limited to execute local contracts on its behalf for the duration of the Project. The assignments ExpatAssist Uganda Limited will undertake on behalf of GESCOD will thus include staff recruitment, payroll management, contract management and procurement of services and supplies as and when required.

Job Summary:  Under the component on Green Spaces management, one of the expected results is to carry out a precise mapping of the city’s green spaces and trees and to elaborate the existing and future green and blue infrastructures to preserve biodiversity in Kampala. To achieve this mission, the project seeks to recruit a GIS officer for 20 months starting in January 2023 until August 2024.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Support the data collection on biodiversity, green spaces and trees in Kampala with KCCA team and Makerere University, school of forestry.
  • Creation of a land use map for Kampala area:
    • According to 6 families (Urbanized areas, water, wetlands, agricultural areas, and wooded areas, herbaceous stratum (parks, gardens and other green spaces).
    • Digitized GIS Layers (i.e integrate mapped Trees and other Blue – Green infrastructure spatial data, with other required layers)
    • Map street features such as Trees, roads, signage, buildings and other features of interest
  • Exploitation of the database to build a green and blue infrastructure map Modeling via the open source tool: “BioDispersal” (extension Qgis 2.22)
  • A Situational Analysis report on the existing datasets within KCCA physical planning
  • Information Needs Assessment Matrix as per prescribed format
  • Prepare field activity reports
  • Validated GIS field dataset for Trees and other mapped Blue – Green infrastructure in terms of precise geo-reference.
  • Support to the field team collecting data on biodiversity, trees and green spaces:
    • Cleaning and verified data from the field team regularly
    • Compile and analyze data
    • Integrate field data into a GIS
  • Monitoring space allocation, data placement and creating of a data dictionary
  • Liaising with relevant agencies to ensure effective implementation on government policies on spatial data infrastructure
  • Any other duties assigned

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Skills and expected Results:

  • Knowing how to mobilize the different sources (open source) of satellite images (Landsat 8 platform, CNES, Spot 5…) covering the study area of Kampala
  • Ability to create a colored composition of the satellite source to propose a georeferenced image of color photo type (RGB)
  • Ability to create remote sensing NDVI indices (vegetation index, infrared and near infrared) to create future OCS vegetation polygons to be built
  • Conduct a supervised classification of this satellite image (vector polygon creation) for the creation of other classes of the SODB (roads, water)
  • Enriching the vector classes of the SODB by mobilizing existing databases (e.g., tree database or wetlands, parks)
  • Develop maps incorporating Kampala’s green and blue infrastructure, both physical and digital.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in geography, Master’s degree in Remote Sensing and Geomatics applied to the environment desired;
  • Strong competence in Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems,
  • Knowledge of satellite image interpretation
  • Ability to analyze and appreciate natural resources and their management.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Evidence of similar assignments is essential
  • Interest in biodiversity


Contract Award: Employee contract to be awarded by Expat Assist Uganda Limited as the legal implementing Partner of Gescod in Uganda.

Supervisor: GIS unit KCCA

Duration: 20 months from January 2023 to August 2024 with a possibility of extension within the project duration

How to Apply:

Applications (cover letter and CV) should be addressed to Gescod and KCCA, and sent, in English via email to with the title: GIS officer.

Deadline: 30th December 2022 by 5:00pm

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