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SolarNow Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

Salary range: Confidential | Contract type: Temporary

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Job Summary

SolarNow is hiring an Agricultural Corporate Sales Officer who will be responsible for Business to Business development, promotion and sales of agricultural equipment and appliances within Kampala sales region. As part of the activities, the Agri-CSO supports the agri-cooperate branch with building and maintaining an agri-cooperate sales pipeline, focussing on institutional and private sector networks, representing SolarNow at agri-network event and agricultural exhibitions, and is responsible to meet the monthly agri-sales targets, while ensuring clients satisfaction through excellent client care.

About the market
More than 500 million people across sub-Saharan Africa lack access to electricity and the International Energy Agency expects that number to increase to 700 million by 2030. Off-grid solar power is often the only viable answer.
In countries like Uganda and Kenya, where less than 20% of the population have a grid connection and/or access to high quality agricultural appliances, there is an undeniable potential for solar products to leapfrog traditional energy provision models. However, affordability, perceptions of low quality, and the absence of last-mile distribution and maintenance networks for solar are curtailing development.


About SolarNow
To tackle this, SolarNow sells quality solar products and suitable appliances ranging from small household systems capable of powering a lights, radio, phone, TV and/or fridge to much larger systems suitable for offices, schools and machinery. Increasingly SolarNow is also catering to the needs of off-grid farmers by providing irrigation solutions and other agricultural appliances.
SolarNow provides credit and service that allows customers to spread payments over 24 months and receive service for 5 years. The company has over 1,000 employees and a network of 50 branches in Uganda and 15 branches in Western Kenya. There are concrete plans to expand within and beyond these territories.

About you

You are someone who cares deeply about improving livelihoods in Africa, but you bring more than passion to the role: you have the grit and resilience to make change happen. You are excited about understanding this nascent industry, the SolarNow products, its unique value proposition and the difference they make.
You have a successful track record in bringing products to corporate markets and are a dynamic problem-solver who has strong empathy and passion for solar power and the people you work with. You are the person who represents the client in the organisation but are at the same time the number one advocate of the product and value proposition. You are curious and do not fear to challenge the status quo, but are sensitive in how to communicate this. You build strong and effective bridges within the organisation to achieve real results. You are not afraid to fail and see it as an opportunity to learn!
You bring with you the skills and behaviour that is needed to tackle a smart, knowledgeable, critical market that is used to dealing with larger numbers and sees things through an economic lens. You stand your ground and do not give up when faced with hardship and pushback, because you know that in the end you will make a positive impact on this planet.


• Sector Sales: you scout opportunities within your assigned sector

• Design: you design the right solution for the client provided the mix of corporate solar solutions
• Credit: you do a good credit assessment (within policy; financial protection; ensure understanding)
• Installation: you install (all) client’s system at industry quality standards
• Service: you support the client when there is a technical problem
• Up-sales: you confirm if/when upgrade readiness or referral readiness of clients

Job Requirements

Required education: Diploma, Associate’s degree
Required relevant work experience: 12 months
Required languages: English (Spoken: fluent | Written: fluent)

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