Course on Time Management for Personal Effectiveness

Virtual University of Uganda (VUU) offers a short course on Time Management for personal effectiveness.

Executive Courses facilitated by expert coaches cost UGX 400,000/= for two days

With breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and course materials the course will cost you only UGX 600,000/= for  three days.
This course is especially designed for busy executives, professionals and young professionals at the start of their career.
By studying this course on how to undertake a Time Management Revolution at a personal level,you discover that time management is more than being a punctuality freak.
You will learn how to analyze your Personal Engagement Cycle and develop criteria for prioritizing your engagements.
For managers, leaders and supervisors, this training empowers you to help others do their job better in order to achieve organizational goals.
 Interested people should fill the application forms either online through the university website
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