IUIU Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Introduces More Co-current Diplomas

IUIU Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Introduces More Co-current Diplomas
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The Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language (FISAL) has introduced three con-current diplomas at the Islamic University in Uganda Kampala campus. They include Diploma in law, Diploma in Public Administration, and Diploma in Mass Media to supplement on the BA Sharia and BA Islamic Studies.

The Faculty Dean, Dr. Abdulhafiz Walusimbi said the Co-current Diplomas that are set to begin in the 2018/2019 academic year are meant to bridge the human resource gap in the Job market.

“ The move to introduce the co-current Diplomas is aimed at producing competent and all round graduates who will not be challenged by the job market because of specialisation but rather seek various opportunities” Said Dr. Walusimbi.

He pointed out the human resource gap in the Khad’s court as an opportunity for students who will offer both sharia and diploma in law while for the Islamic studies and Diploma in public Administration, he says will help bring up employees who will fight the increasing mal- administration practices inform of corruption, embezzlement, favouritism among others in most public offices.

Dr. Walusimbi noted that the new programs shall help alter the misconception that the Faculty only produces Imams.

“Some people have made others believe that a student doing Islamic and Arabic Programs can only become an Imam which is not true … “but I want to tell you that most of the student we handle here get teaching jobs even before completing their studies” the Dean emphasised.

Currently the Faculty is offering co-current Diplomas in Education to students of Sharia, and Islamic studies and Arabic Language.

Dr. Walusimbi also revealed that the Faculty has through the ‘Faculty Cultural Day’, enhanced students’ communication and Public speaking skills to develop students endowed with various capabilities.

The Faculty plans to introduce regular Islamic based conferences in the areas of Islam and human rights, Gender based violence and Terrorism as a mechanism to address some societal problems facing the Muslim population.

Dr. Walusimbi further stated that in the next academic year, they intend to start a programme that will see Universities that teach Islamic related programs within East Africa come together through exchange visits involving both students and staff so as to create more opportunities and exposure.

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