Employment versus Dignity: Before you think of going abroad, first think outside the box

Employment versus Dignity: Before you think of going abroad, first think outside the box
University Graduates

As employment prospects in Uganda get delayed over lack of practicability, innovation and creativity, some employment agencies and foreign countries like Saudi Arabia have decided to use it as an opportunity to offer Ugandans fake jobs. These job opportunities have not just attracted hopeless Ugandans, but also certified university graduates.

Unemployment is a serious challenge in Uganda that needs to be addressed urgently. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), Uganda’s unemployment rate has been increasing over time.

ILO records the changing trend at 1.9 per cent in 2005/06, 3.6 per cent in 2009/10, and 5.1 per cent in 2012. The changing trend varies from urban youth to rural youth but graduate unemployment is recorded to have increased to 83% leaving many youths affected.

In a nutshell, rhymes of evidence show that this vice called Corruption has been implanted in the Ugandan institutions making it a major cause of unemployment.

Corruption increases according to the hierarchy of government institutions. Even in the education sector, corruption has taken over right from the highest institutions of learning.

Are we safe? I am not becoming a mucho here but that is the current situation! The government and its officials have failed to reconsider the fact that they are bound to serve subordinates and not their selfish ambitions.

Fellow countrymen, you deserve respect.  I am not against searching for greener pastures but my concern is: What kind of Jobs are you going to do? Is your degree from UTAMU, Makerere university, Kampala International University, MUBS, Mbarara university or Nkumba University, etc worth being a cleaner, prostiyute, security guard, name it! We deserve something better than this current situation. We can still stick to the employment opportunities in Uganda.

I commend the few individuals in this country that have pulled all strands to create employment opportunities for Ugandan youths. We owe you gratitude for the role played.

How I wish you pass it on to us the young generation. However, if these job creators were not restricted, our colleagues would not resort to the hopeless dirty/immoral jobs like prostitution, Gay acts, theft, to name but a few. But still, please guys, let’s accord dignity to ourselves.  What image are we passing on to our peers, friends, children, relatives?

A recent featured interview in Kamunye newspaper dated August 18, 2015 read: “I have spread AIDS to over 3000 men yet am still on infecting.” When I saw the headline, I was forced to read the story.

A one Sarah Nannozi, a prostitute in Nakulabye was narrating, how she is hopeless for life as she waits for the day to pass on. She talks of how she has been used by uncountable men among which are Makerere University campus students, married men and sometimes by taxi drivers.

What is even more interesting than annoying, she says, “I tell these same men to put on a condom, but they insist and remove it saying better die tomorrow than today.” Later on, the same men start crying after they see my syphilis pills in my bag.

Nannozi blames illiteracy and poor family background as the cause of her fate. But that shouldn’t be the reason to join prostitution. Even if you are born in a poor family, you should be responsible and work hard to achieve better results than your parents.

However, I find this story relevant to many individuals especially the youths today. The youth today need to understand that employment is a prior made investment.

We invest differently. Some invest in education, hard work, passion, business, etc. But you may ask what is worth investing in?

According to me, one who invests in more than one investment stands a better chance of creating sustainable development in Uganda. Yet some individuals who are running for job opportunities abroad are the ones who have invested in one or two investment aspects above.

Why would you search for greener pastures abroad yet foreigners are flocking Uganda for the same. Do you really think it is logical? I find no sense in it.

Before you think of going abroad, try and think outside the box. Think of investing in small ideas/start-ups that can save you and many others from unemployment.

Don’t yearn for quick money like how many have adopted sports betting as an attempt to earn quick money. This is what keeps us backward.

Learn how the rich have managed to be successful and you will also make it in life.

Written by Keneth Twesigye

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