FIFA Accused Of Rigging World Cup To Help Lionel Messi Win The Tournament

FIFA Accused Of Rigging  World Cup To Help Lionel Messi Win The Tournament

FIFA have been accused by fans of rigging the 2022 World Cup to help Lionel Messi win it with Argentina.

Lionel Messi converts a spot kick during yesterday’s win over Croatia

In the 34th minute of their 3-0 semi-final victory over Croatia, Argentina were awarded a penalty after Julian Alvarez was brought down by Croatia goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic. Messi stepped up and dispatched the spot kick in empathic style.

Fans took to Twitter after the game to express their discontent over the decision to award a penalty to Argentina.

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Argentina have been awarded five penalties in six games in the 2022 World Cup and fans believe that is enough evidence to prove the tournament has been rigged for Messi to win it.

One fan said: “This has to be the most rigged world cup ever. Argentina has got 5 penalties.”

Another tweeted: “5 penalties in 6 games and I’m meant to believe this isn’t rigged.”

A third fan added: “The whole World Cup is rigged for Messi to win it. Funny that some people still don’t believe it.”

Argentina has so far been awarded 5 penalties in 6 games of world cup 2022

Someone else commented: “Rigged! That’s not a penalty!!!! So sick of every referee favouring Argentina / Messi in this tournament. Joke.”

Portugal players were also fuming with Argentine referee Facundo Tello for not awarding them a penalty in their shock World Cup exit to Morocco at quarter finals

Towards the end of the first-half in their World Cup quarter-final, Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes went down inside the box, and there were claims for a spot-kick.

However, Tello dismissed the calls from Portugal and let play go on, with the official soon blowing his whistle for half-time with Morocco 1-0 up leaving fans questioning FIFA’s decision to let a referee from a nation still in the tournament to officiate the match.

Angry Portuguese players confront with ‘arrogant” referee Tello

Argentina will now prepare for a final against either France or Morocco, the second semi-final is due to take place this evening at 7:00pm(GMT)

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