Garden Courts hostelThe gentility exhibited by this storey structure is itself enough to take it for a hotel facility, only a pip at the gate can prove this anticipation wrong. A shuttle is parked in a well shaded compound covered with sections of turf, on it, an inscription in clear blue letters: MAKERERE GARDEN COURTS LADIES HOSTEL…

 With palm trees planted along the four corners of the square placement onto which the structures are fitted, the feel of the fresh air is the best thing to write home about for an environment conscious fellow. Even the neighboring Makerere Community church directly opposite this facility visibly graves with envy at the environ of this facility.

Attended to by a one Rodgers, taciturn in trait and character this is the mother of all hostels in this area. Rodgers simply tells us, with 18 years of service, Garden courts Hostel has a vast experience in service. “We were the first people to introduce the shuttle service in hostel business” this he says with a smile.

Garden courts houses over 260 female students with basic accommodation services, with “a remarkable touch of quality” according to Rodgers. The quality of service include a kitchen for residents serviced by free gas, restaurant services, a salon for ladies among others and above all, the facility is an affiliate to Unicourts university Hall. A must for a female student.Garden Courts Hostel

Basic information:

Hostel Name: Garden courts Hostel

Location: opposite Makerere community church Makerere Kikoni

Specifications: Ladies only

Services available: Dstv, shuttle, Free gas, restaurant, Garden for student parties, cleaning services among others

Perks: Good environment, security, insured against fire, well facilitated reading room

Charges: Range from 450,000 to 750,000 according to room and class of choice

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