How It Went Down at Roast and Ryme

How It Went Down at Roast and Ryme

Groggy voices, croaky voices, it never mattered. They were singing next to a river and their voices were drowned at sea.

However bad they sounded, it never mattered. The crowd resonated with them on the opening night of the Bell Lager sponsored Roast and Rhyme Nyam on the Nile fest at the Source of the Nile

If organisers banked on crowds, it never happened on the opening night. The few in attendance on Friday night, were driven more by their bottomless pockets. They spent their June salary with abandon.

A bon fire was lit early and a karaoke session happened. However, the mundane crowd needed rousing.

The emcee of the night, Vince Musisi did a great job. Swangz Avenue boss, Benon Mugumbya set the pace for karaoke singers with a repertoire of Mowzey Radio songs. When he handed over the microphone, it was a case of organised noise. Thank God the croaking toads of the Nile saved our ears from the bad music.

The music went on until midnight when the chilling cold whispered different ideas to the revellers. Most left ib pairs with a solution on their mind

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