How to Help a Friend Through a Love Relationship Break Up.

How to Help a Friend Through a Love Relationship Break Up.

5 out of every 10campusers have been, in and out of relationships. Most have had painful break-ups. Some have managed to get through them and others struggle to get back on their feet.

When a friend gets heartbroken, we tend to be helpless about the situation and don’t know what to do or even say. In such times, it is recommended as a friend to be supportive towards your fellow friend and besides that, you need to find real means of helping him/her through this difficult time in their life.

Be patient and understanding towards your friend. Always remember that only time can heal their wounds. Try to encourage them to talk about their feelings instead of bottling then up. This will make them feel better.

Often people blame themselves when a relationship breaks down. So your friend might be feeling really miserable and blaming him/herself for ruining the relationship. Assure your friend and remind him/her about their good qualities and how much they contributed to the whole relationship.

Even though you might be angry with your friend’s ex for hurting them, do not express or say any negative things about them. Your friend has just gone through the brunt of the break-up and there is a high possibility that they are still very much in love with their ex. By criticizing their ex, this will only make your friend feel worse and negative about the whole relationship.

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Suggest some activities to your friend to distract him/her from thinking about the break-up. if you can try spending more time with them or join them on a short trip to take their minds off the break-up and unwind a bit if they can afford it. If not, encourage them to spend more time with family and close friends so they know they are still loved and cherished by other

Do not advise your friend to date a new person so as to forget their this point on time, they might still be emotionally hurt and not ready for any new relationship. Be supportive but also maintain a rational mindset.

In case your friend shows signs of suicide, it is best to ask them to go for professional counseling in a suggestive way so as not to offend them or put strain on your friendship. Speak to their trusted relative like a cousin or an aunt to intervene

We all understand that it is not easy to cope with a break-up. However be patient and supportive with them, they will appreciate whatever you have done and will be much stronger and regain their confidence to love again in the long run

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