How to pretend on the first date

How to pretend on the first date

Fake it till you make it: It might sound cynical, but we all are professional pretenders when it comes to dating. Being blinded by the desire to be liked by a certain attractive person just blows our mind. And when you are a man and the voice of your genitalia speaks louder than a common sense, all you have to do is to push the right buttons in order to unlock the password of her pants.

There is nothing bad in being a little hypocritical, because women pretend too. They all want to show immaculate manners, quick wittiness, lovely and the ability to cook like a pro.

Then why men should be straightforward and lower their chances to get laid tonight?

Here are some tips and tricks on how to pretend, simulate, and not be an unfaithful jerk:

  1. Say that you respect women

Not that you don’t, of course, but show all of your affection and appreciation by being nice. You just need to increase the level of niceness by 45% without being oversensitive and clingy. Women need defenders and gentle friends (especially those beauties from They want to be understood and fought for.

  1. Pretend that you don’t want her

Women are very complex and weird human beings. They want to be hit on, but not by a creepy guy. They want to feel like you want it right now, but being subtle about it is key. You don’t have to be overly diplomatic as well. A girl needs to understand your are on the date, not on a business meeting.

  1. Tell about you suffering over a girl

There is nothing more cliché but successful and effective than playing on her emotions as if you had overcome a horrible breakup. Again, there is a fine line: you don’t want to appear weak and a crybaby. Telling your heart was completely broken will be enough. Here is how it works: women don’t actually care about you being hurt, they just want to be better than a girl you still have feelings for.

  1. “I am not that guy who sleeps around”

Even if the last time you had sex with a stranger was 20 minutes before the date. When you find it exciting and slightly arousing to imagine your date with different men, your girlfriend thinks it’s disgusting and upsetting to hear about hot girls being in your life. She wants to feel special.

  1. “I feel like we are connected on a mental level”

Women want a world to evolve around them. If you previously talk about how girls are hard to understand, but for some reason you established a contact with her. Women are also very delusional when thinking they are the only descent human being on Earth. Flattery has to be smart and tasteful.

  1. “I have enough money”

Women are attracted only to successful individuals who are sure in their completed future. Offer her to pay. Don’t let her be manly in any way. Even if you are not that rich and generous, let her think you will finish all of her financial difficulties. By the way, this is the most stupid trick if you are planning to ask this girl on the second date or even live with her. All the curtains will go down and eventually a woman will understand you are a poor loser.

  1. I was in the gym this morning

Women also like guys who take care of themselves. Not that you have to be super muscular, but being not morbidly obese will be enough. If you look alight, you can mask this information into a true fact, even of the last time you have seen gym shoes was at school.

  1. Pretend not to be pretending

Avoid intrepidity, rudeness, when you communicate with a girl. Talk to her calmly, as normal people communicate with a good acquaintance or friends. Never use “flamboyant” words or cheap steepness. It is not necessary to do everything for show, leave space for sincerity.


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