Life is interesting when you find true love

Life is interesting when you find true love
Love knows no boundaries.
Love knows no boundaries.

Life is pretty much interesting when you find love. Communication lasting for hours as a signal for bonding and understanding each other as you got many things to talk about.

You admire her and you want that last minute call before you sleep. As life is funny we find up sets and many people crack down and cry due to many issues.

And this has caused scary moments to you and you have closed your heart to anyone who is interested in you because everyone who promised to stay with you, and to love you turned their backs and they walked away leaving you heartbroken.

One day that guy or girl will MISS YOU. I mean that person who was so special to you, whom you trusted and loved so much with all your heart but paid you back by cheating on you, asking you to give him or her space, fooling you with fake excuses and eventually dumping you with no genuine reason.

He or she will realize that you were the right person for him or her but it will be too late to make it up to you. You have done whatever it takes, you have cried and pleaded for that person but there’s no change!

Come on, enough is enough. Just try to leave your life now, go back to your old ways and forget that person. I know it’s very hard but if you surrender everything to GOD he can deal with it.

Be strong and happy again because you’re someone’s reason to smile. Life has to goon my friend.

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