Human Resource Manager is needed at Appliance World Ltd

Human Resource Manager is needed at Appliance World Ltd

Job Title:    Human Resource Manager

Organisation: Appliance World Ltd

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

About US:

Appliance World Ltd (the company) is one of the largest organizations in Uganda dealing in consumer electronics (refrigerators, microwaves, audio products, televisions, and washing machines), commercial air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, mobile phones, computers/network monitors.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:  

    • Administrative duties which include staff attendance reports, salary calculations for casual employees, forms & documentation related to leave, sickness, absenteeism & other information required for the staff file.
    • Handling of employees issues – this includes employees having problems whether personal or to do with work, problems with other staff members. The idea here is to be very open and welcoming to an employee so that he/she is free to see you regardless of the issue. You are a friend when need be and a HR manager when need be.
    • Discipline – you must be strict but fair. Wrongful acts/behaviour must be acted on. Records of action taken must be recorded and stored in the employees file. Note that it is important that you do not gain the reputation of being a prison warden or a incumbent dictator. This shall simply drive you away from the company’s goal of harmony in the workplace. Appraisals also fall under this area. It is important to review an employee’s performance at least once a year.
  • Proactively looking for signs of problems. Learn to poke your nose in every area of the company’s operations. It is your right after all. Do not feel that you are interfering in someone else’s business. Every department, every employee and every operation is your concern. Many times problems are not brought to you but noticed by being observant and curious. You must do this from day one.
  • Tasked with the recruitment of new employees. All steps from advertising or selecting from existing applications, to interviewing, to recommending to drafting appointment letters and getting all other forms signed and back ground checks done. Many times, urgent recruitment is required. For example, in the case whereby the company has got a air conditioning project and technicians are needed or where stores needs extra loaders for a temporary period. Always have a database of the positions where urgent need can arise be present.
  • Finding talent. The company is always on the lookout for that someone who has that amazing ability, talent and willingness. A list of potential candidates for various positions must always be ready and available should the need arise.
  • Pay special attention to the Air Conditioning Division. This is where there are generally a lot of issues to resolve. Either there are conflicts or there is absenteeism which is causing hindrance to a project. Or there could be need for reallocation of technicians. Note that at Appliance World, whilst there are heads of department, you will be expected to be fully involved and fully know what is going on

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for the Human Resource Manager should have qualifications and experience to perform the aforementioned tasks

How to Apply:

All suitably qualified and interested candidates are encouraged to send their updated CVs via email to Call or Whatsapp 0756 817062 for any inquiries.

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