Job interviews tips: The body language matters during a job interview

Job interviews tips: The body language matters during a job interview
During Job interviews, the body language also matters.
During Job interviews, the body language also matters.

Tips for Job interviews:The major issue starts with your application letter, the CV must be neat, concise, well laid out, easy to understand, tailored to the advert, have the keywords and relevant skills easily accessible to the recruiter.

The CV should not be cluttered with irrelevant skills, qualifications and experience that mask the relevant information.

There should be a tailored covering letter clearly highlighting why you fit the advertised post. The recruiter is going to put you forward to their client, or manager, so if you are inappropriate for any reason, then that reflects on them.

This is what will influence their impression, and potentially discourage them from putting you forward;-

  1. Physical appearance –outfit outdated or flashy, untidy, unsuitable or overpowering.
  2. Inappropriate smell – overpowering perfume, after shave or even body odour.
  3. Poor handshake –it should be firm and confident but not too forceful.
  4. Poor eye contact can also be a problem.
  5. Your speech will create an impression too -avoid saying “erm” or “um” or “like”. Poor grammar, inappropriate remarks, swearing, talking too much or too little. Talking too loud or too quietly or too quickly.
  6. Your demeanor –do you appear brash, overconfident, shy , disorganised
  7. Mannerisms, such as drumming on the table, fidgeting, giggling, and interrupting them.
  8. Lack of sincerity and interest in the job, perhaps illustrated by poor research
  9. Inability to interact well with them or their staff, including reception staff.
  10. Poor manners and attitude.

Research also indicates that perception of the message in your communication is based on:

What you say 7%

Tone of voice, the way you say it 38%

Facial expression, Body language 55%

This means that 93 % of communication is nonverbal, so it is not only what you say, but your delivery, body language and voice are equally important.

Consequently the vibes you give off are related to your attitude which in turn is related to your self-confidence, work ethic, and confidence.

If your are well prepared, have done your research, know you have something to offer –Your “Value proposition “then you will have the right attitude and conduct.

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