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Job Title: Deputy Team Leader

GFA Consulting Group, one of the leading German consulting companies within the framework of international development cooperation, and IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre – Uganda, an international think-and-do tank in water, sanitation and hygiene sector are looking for a Deputy Team Leader Water and Sanitation for the TC project – Capacities and competences in water sector institutions and relevant professionals – (as part of the “Reform of the Urban Water and Sanitation Sector Programme (RUWASS)” of GIZ, a federal enterprise, part of the German Development Cooperation).

In the area of sanitation, RUWASS supports its partners in the development of policies and national strategies, comprehensive urban sanitation planning (including data management), planning and implementation of public sanitation facilities, regulation of faecal sludge management and the development and implementation of business models for the private sector.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:  

1. Capacity development of the beneficiaries, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Provision of technical advice
  • Development, testing and implementing» of tools, concepts and methods, organisation and implementation of trainings, workshops and individual mentoring
  • Networking with partner institutions, development partners and other stakeholders
  • Advice on appropriate Management Information Systems for training and capacity development
  • Render technical advice on appropriate Capacity Development tools and software

2. Advise on infrastructure asset management systems State-of-the-art management of the project, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Financial management, internal controls and personnel management
  • Design and implementation of annual work plans
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • Results-oriented monitoring and evaluation
  • Updating and/or adapting the project design on the basis of the five success factors of Capacity

3. Works:

  • Regular reporting and preparation of reports
  • In charge of knowledge management
  • Active  participation in and support of project evaluation missions and other external evaluations
  • Responsible for public relations and media work.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 

  • The candidate should possess a good Master’s degree in civil engineering, water and sanitation;
  • At least ten years’ work experience in advising water and sanitation sector institutions and companies in Uganda (and other developing countries), preferably including management experience;
  • Registration with UIPE and ERB is required
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the water and v sanitation sector; very good knowledge of capacity development approaches (institutional/policy and operational level, including vocational training and infrastructure asset management systems);
  • Excellent command of English language, knowledge of German language would be considered an advantage; 

How to Apply for the job: 

All candidates are encouraged to send their applications via email to:

Deadline: 17th August 2014

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