Jobs – Part-time journalist needed

Job Description

Timely and accurately collecting African real-time news and then integrate the manuscript to ensure it’s an original works. The news must be Africa Business news, including China-Africa Cooperation news, industry analysis, business investment, new business policy, etc. The real-time news is for businessmen to help them to find business opportunities.

Desired Skills & Experience:

  1. A journalist or an editor of certain newspaper is preferred;
  2. English or French Writing skill is good;
  3. Need to have a strong sense of responsibility, a better observation capability and writing skills;
  4. Well Skills of using office software, Internet and computer.


Once the news is adopted, we will notify you by mail and you will get 0.05$-0.2$ reward for per piece of news at the same time and also you can accumulate these reward to exchange equivalent commodity on our platform. If you are interested, please contact:

(or you could visit to register(it’s free)and then send us your articles directly, please go to to see our policy)

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