Kabako Falls Off Stage While Performing at Gravity’s Concert

Yusuf Senabulya aka Roden Y Kabako is nursing engine injury after he fell through stage last night as he performed at Gravity Omutujju’s concert at Cricket Oval Lugogo.

Known for his energetic performance, Kabako stormed stage and started roaming around.

Kabako has joined the league of artists who have fallen through the stage while performing.

The stage bouncer warned him not to exceed a certain point but Kabako kept a deaf ear amid cheers from the fired up crowd.

Kabako’s landing was deep since it needed six bouncers to pick him up from the stage where he had landed and got stuck

As wowed revelers, the stage board moved and he fell thorough.

Despite the sudden incident, Kabako gathered himself and started performing for his fans however this time around he did it off stage.

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