Kampala International University (KIU) Signs MoU With Al Hayat Medical University Somalia

Kampala International University (KIU) Signs MoU With Al Hayat Medical University Somalia

On a momentous Wednesday, July 26th, 2023, a historic collaboration unfolded as Kampala International University (KIU) and Al Hayat Medical University, Somalia, came together to sign a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The ceremony was graced by esteemed representatives from both institutions, signifying a commitment to foster mutual growth and academic excellence.

KIU was proudly represented by its Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Mouhamad Mpezamihigo, along with Dr. Sophia Kazibwe, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Prof. Durraiz Rahman, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research, Innovations, Consultancy, and Extensions (RICE). On the other side, Al Hayat was represented by Prof. Dr. Abdikani Ahmed Farah, the Vice-Chancellor, and Khadar Nur Muhummad, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Development & External Relations.

In his warm welcome address, Prof. Mpezamihigo expressed gratitude to the Al Hayat team for their initiative in collaborating with KIU. “We are delighted and enthusiastic about this collaboration. Through this MoU, we can embark on joint activities and explore more areas of cooperation. KIU already boasts more than 50 MoUs for research and partnerships,” he proudly declared.

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The signing of the MoU marked the culmination of weeks of extensive consultations between the two institutions. The agreement aimed to establish collaborative efforts in joint research, seminars, conferences, community service projects, staff exchange programs, and student exchange initiatives.

Undoubtedly, health science programs emerged as a focal point for this partnership. KIU currently offers an impressive array of 21 undergraduate and 22 postgraduate programs in Medical Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Nursing Sciences, and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Al Hayat team was deeply impressed by the facilities at KIU’s Western Campus, stating that they rivaled those of public universities.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Farah, the VC of Al Hayat, spoke passionately about the endless possibilities that would arise from this holistic collaboration. He emphasized that this was a significant moment for both universities and expressed excitement and hope for the tremendous prospects that lay ahead.

Dr. Kazibwe, the DVC for Academic Affairs, expressed her gratitude to the Al Hayat team for choosing KIU as their benchmark for excellence in East Africa. She confidently predicted that this MoU would pave the way for even more fruitful relationships, unlocking numerous opportunities and collaborations.

Following the signing ceremony, the Al Hayat team had the privilege of visiting the KIU Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. This hub served as the university’s gateway for innovative ideas and industry engagement.

KIU Teaching Hospital (KIUTH), the largest private University Teaching Hospital in Uganda, played a significant role in this collaboration. Established in 2007 at the Western Campus in Ishaka, Bushenyi, KIUTH aimed to enhance the quality of health science training and contribute to the equitable provision of health services in Uganda. Accredited by the East Africa Community (EAC) Medical Council, KIUTH offered invaluable learning experiences through its teaching sites in Hoima Referral Hospital, Jinja Referral Hospital, Lira Referral Hospital, and Fort Portal Referral Hospital.

As the sun set on this historic day, the MoU signing ceremony marked a pivotal moment in the pursuit of academic excellence and international cooperation between KIU and Al Hayat Medical University. Both institutions looked forward to a future filled with shared accomplishments, innovative breakthroughs, and a lasting legacy of impactful collaborations in the realm of health sciences and beyond.

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